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Application of telecom-grade optical fiber patch cord in data center

Application of telecom-grade optical fiber patch cord in data center


Carrier-grade fiber optic patch cords are widely used in data centers. In recent years, high-density data center fiber optic transmission systems have shown a high-growth trend in bandwidth requirements. Therefore, the use of a new generation of optical fibers and optical modules can continue to explore the growth of optical fiber network bandwidth. potential. Because multi-mode fiber jumpers have great advantages in cost, they have an absolute advantage in data center applications.

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Driven by the continuous application and promotion of network media in the cloud computing environment, multimode fiber optic patch cords are also constantly developing. From OM1 to OM2, and from OM3 to OM4, the VCSEL laser optimization technology used, and bandwidth requirements are constantly increasing.

In 40G/100G data transmission applications, transmission port connection equipment, such as QSFP optical modules, no matter how many optical fibers are used to connect the high-density data center optical fiber, and no matter what type of optical fiber is connected, it will be directly connected through the MTP/MPO connector connect. Because the 40G/100G data transmission application device and the channel connection between the device need to form a special mode, so that the channel of the transmitting end and the receiving end of the device correspond to each other, which requires the MTP/MPO connector to complete the connection.

Carrier-grade fiber optic patch cords can provide various applications for all networks and equipment that require 100G modules. They adopt the MT series sleeve design of the high-density multi-mode fiber optic connector system industry. MPO/MTP fiber jumpers use UPC and APC polished end faces, and support both multi-mode and single-mode applications. With VCSEL laser and LED light source, 10G OM3/OM4 MPO/MTP fiber patch cords can provide 10Gbps data transmission rate in high bandwidth applications. They are 5 times faster than standard 50um fiber patch cords.

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At present, MPO/MTP high-density push-pull optical fiber jumpers are mainly used in three aspects: high-density cabling data centers, fiber to the home, and connection applications with optical splitters, 40G/100G QSFP+, SFP+ and other optical modules. Today, there are already a series of high-density parallel optical interconnection products that can adapt to the optical fiber transmission of modern data centers, such as custom MPO/MTP fiber jumpers, multi-mode fiber loopbacks and QSFP+ high-speed cable assemblies.

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