The four trends wiring network infrastructure development

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-29

with the widespread popularization and development of computer network, integrated wiring technology is also constantly updated development. In fact, the emergence and development of integrated wiring system, is based on the development of computer technology and communication technology to further meet the needs of the social informationization and economic internationalization, is also the result of the further development of office automation. It is the product of the combination of architectural technology and information technology, is the foundation of computer network engineering.

the increase in the number of uncertain factors such as the international and domestic enterprise's investment and development will be affected. Then, in 2017, the enterprise network infrastructure will be the development trend of what respect? Cloud migration

in recent years, service providers, enterprise and data center owners began moving applications to the cloud environment, the trend in 2017 and will continue to strengthen. According to IDC, according to a survey of cloud computing account for 41% of the enterprise IT budget ( The next two years will increase to 47%) And the remaining 59% is used for outsourcing or internal.

investment decisions

according to IDC predicts that by 2020, 60% of spending on ICT will be leasing, hosting a mixture of cloud and public cloud data center, this is in the past few years have been continuing trend. In 2019, the data center hosting service providers and enterprises in the research, Or multi-tenant) And office rental, or will consider more to build their own network.

as stated earlier, integrated wiring is the foundation of computer network engineering, enterprise development and change of the trend of network infrastructure also affects the wiring enterprise marketing decision and product promotion. Scoring in the first three active force wantai technology respectively, TCL brand - Legrand, Nike's.

it is worth noting that the cosmos especially earlier this year in terms of brand active force of science and technology, has risen to the first place. Wantai technological prowess, in fact, pretty well, in 2016, thousands of guest host on 'the Chinese intelligent building brand awards was awarded' 2016 integrated wiring quality trusted brand award '. In 2017 at the start of wantai will show a strong momentum of development of science and technology.

on brand reputation scores, the United States Simon, kemp, DE weiler occupy the top three, respectively. On the comprehensive strength score, kemp, Simon, schneider electric, TCL in the United States - Legrand, DE weiler comfortably. Safety

security has become one of the focuses of current industry and the social attention, network infrastructure security increasingly important. In addition, security, including protection of building, personnel, and assets of physical security, and network and data security.

network integration

2017 enterprise network infrastructure, another important trend or would be network together. Building communication, for example, the traditional method is usually used cable connecting data and voice, and now is undergoing transformation, including wireless network within the building or design. Building owners and operators are actively considering in the New Year that wireless network and wired network, at the same time will consider using new, including authorization and unauthorized wireless spectrum, and the grid can realize the common connection of new technology.

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