The effect of fiber optic cable terminal box and application

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-10


connector box role is to connect two fiber optic cable. Is the place where the end of the cable connection terminal box, and then through the jump line access light switches. Therefore, terminal box is usually installed on the 19 inch rack, can accommodate the number of cable end more. Terminal box is to connect cable GenWei fiber protection. In the practical work of terminal box can be used as indoor connector box, but few will connector box as a terminal box.

use different:

1, the box can be divided into fiber optic cable transfer box and cable transfer box. Their functions are used in front end user wiring.

2, connection box generally refers to the optical fiber box, also called optical cable joint box. In some places, especially the system of radio, film and television, also called light in the package, its role is to protect the cable joint damage from the outside world. Distribution frame is divided into fiber distribution frame and cable distribution frame, function is like a box, but it is a room for operators. Application:

cable terminal box as the carrier of information transmission, hardware to optical fiber as a medium of information transmission, has become an important pillar of modern communications. Cable terminal box technology from theory to engineering in the field of technical implementation, to the realization of high-speed optical fiber communication today, after decades of time, before and after the birth of the optical fiber communication technology development and is one of the most important changes in information TongXunShi.

cable terminal box is widely used in audio signals, NongHua network system, data and image transmission system, CATV cable series, used for indoor optical fiber cable and branch in place of direct force, have the effect of tail fiber disc storage and protection of joint, made with cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic plastic spraying, designing reasonable structure, beautiful big can strengthen the core of the cable is fixed in the terminal.

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