The development of optical fiber cable

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-25

in the 3 g network construction, FTTH ( Optical fiber to the home) Pilot implementation, triple play, western village-to-village project, such as 'light into the copper retreat' multiple positive, driven by China's cable industry has good momentum of development, our country became the main cable markets around the world and the world's largest optical fiber cable manufacturer, and have made remarkable achievements.

in 2011, a total of 149 enterprises above designated size in China cable industry, less than last year 21; Gross industrial output value of 688. 0. 2 billion yuan; Achieve sales revenue of 643. 1 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 24. 68%; Create profit of 65. 5. 4 billion yuan, rose 47. 39%.

along with our country and FTTC FTTH system adopts, three nets fusion and large-scale construction of 3 g, is a large market demand for fiber optic cable, and provides a strong impetus to the optical fiber cable industry in our country development and prospects of the industry.

as the optical fiber cable industry competition are growing, large cable merger integration between enterprises and capital operation, excellent optical fiber cable production enterprise more and more emphasis on domestic industry market research, especially on the enterprise development environment and the further research of customer demand trends. Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent optical fiber cable brand rapid rise, gradually become the best optical fiber cable industry.

the birth of the optical fiber communication and development is an important power on the historic revolution. The informatization construction of human society are accelerating, i. e. , that is under the condition of the development of global economy, communication and information industry is still very red. Optical fiber communication is towards high speed and ultra-high speed, large capacity optical fiber transmission and all-optical networks. In the process of informatization in our country, 'China telecom has completed in the period of the' eight vertical and eight horizontal 'the cable laying. A fiber as the main body of the backbone network gradually formed. Extensive high capacity optical fiber has become a 'information channel' in our country. With the continuous development of communication enterprises, from the province to the city, county, and even the villages and towns are also equipped with a cable. The date of the 'optical fiber to the home' is more and more near. In recent years, with the progress of technology, telecommunication system and the reform of telecom market fully open, gradually more due to the explosive development of IP business bandwidth of demand, the development of optical fiber communication once again presents the vigorous development of the new situation.

by using glass fiber light has more than 30 years. Some optical fiber at the early stage of the application is limited to machinery and medical equipment ( Such as lighting and gastroscope guidance, etc. ) , transmission of visible light, attenuation is as high as 1000 db/km. In 1966, Charles kao first proposed by Shi Yingji glass fiber optical information transmission over long distances. In 1970 in the United States with chemical vapor deposition of high purity quartz optical fiber, its attenuation to 20 db/km, so that the long distance transport become a reality. Since then, the attenuation of the fiber drops rapidly, to the late 70 s has fallen to zero. 2 db/km theory limit level. The bandwidth of the fiber increases unceasingly, to the early 80 s bandwidth reaches several hundred gigahertz, km single-mode fiber has been available for practical. Has developed into a relay distance of more than 100 kilometers, the capacity of up to hundreds of megabytes per second than the optical fiber communication systems. Optical fiber communication equipment manufacturing has become an emerging industrial sector. Light waves in optical fiber strength and phase with the change of physical quantity, such as temperature, electric field, magnetic field changes the characteristics of telemetry has been used in high sensitivity sensor.

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