The application areas of ODF distribution frame and basic types of fiber

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-09

a, application field

in the integrated wiring system, distribution frame is suitable for the equipment level between the wiring or termination, and following the mutual termination. Strong and easy to install, reducing installation and operating costs, larger front space convenient port identification, convenience of management, in line with the 19 'rack installation standard.

it is an important equipment in optical transmission system, mainly used for fiber optic cable terminal welding, optical connector installation, road light tones, receive, store and extra tail fiber optical cable protection, etc. , it for the safe operation of the optical fiber communication network and flexible use plays an important role.

second, the basic types of

fiber distribution frame according to the structure of different type can be divided into the wall and stand. Wall-mounted optical fiber distribution frame can be directly fixed on the wall, generally to the enclosure structure, suitable for fiber cable article number and some smaller places. Frame type optical fiber distribution frame can be installed directly in the standard rack, suitable for large-scale optical fiber network.

frame type distribution frame is divided into two kinds, one kind is fixed configuration distribution frame, fiber coupler is directly fixed on the chassis; Another kind of adopting modular design, user can choose according to the number of cable and specifications corresponding module, facilitate the adjustment and the expansion of the network.

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