Fiber optic transceivers how to choose?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-25

due to the optical transceiver as one of the regional network connector device, so must be considered and the surrounding environment compatibility with each other, and the stability of the product itself, the reliability, on the other hand, price is low, can't get the favour of customers!

1, itself whether to support full duplex and half duplex?

some chips on the market can only use full duplex environment, unable to support half duplex, such as from other brands of switches ( 开关) Or hub ( 中心) And it use half duplex mode, will cause serious conflicts and packet loss.

2。 Whether did connection testing with other optical transceiver?

on the market of fiber optic transceivers transceiver is increasing, the transceiver mutual compatibility of different brand haven't been tested in advance will produce packet loss, transmission time is too long, fast and slow wait for a phenomenon.

3, if there is a safety device against packet loss?

some manufacturer in producing optical transceiver transceiver, in order to reduce costs, often using the register ( 寄存器) Data transfer mode, the chief drawback of this approach is unstable when transmission, packet loss, and the best is the buffer circuit design, is safe to avoid data packet loss.

4, temperature adaptability?

use optical transceiver itself generates a high fever, when temperature is too high, Cannot be greater than 85 ° C) , optical transceiver working properly? It is well worth the customer consideration!

5, whether to conform to the IEEE802. 3 u standards?

fiber optic transceivers, such as meet IEEE802. 3 standard, namely the delay time control in 46 bit, such as more than 46 bit, said optical transceiver the transmission distance will shorten!

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