Fiber optic jumper wire cut line how to do

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-21

1。 Jump fiber content steps:

the first step: identify light and computer room, find a spectrometer.

step 2: identify the beam splitter number.

the third step: find the repair order on the configuration of the beam splitter ports.

the fourth step: find the understanding to the simple user optical fiber core fiber sequence of port.

step 5: from the beam splitter cable port port jump from users.

2。 Jump fiber specification and basic knowledge:

1) Jump fiber operation must satisfy the ODF frame inside, light, integrated tidy, beautiful wiring, easy operation, less in the principles of space.

2) Long jump degree must master within the scope of more than 500 mm long.

3) Insufficient length of jump fiber shall not be used, are not allowed to use two paragraphs jump fiber flange connection.

4) Each jump fiber shall ensure that all radius of curvature is greater than 400 mm.

5) Go fine general requirements:

1) for optical fiber on line, should be rolled off the production line on the outside of the ODF frame, choose more fiber quantity is the most suitable plate column, and move upwards in the ODF frame inside fiber, horizontally under the ODM along, vertical to the corresponding terminal.

(2) a jump fiber is only allowed on the ODF frame within a walk ( Along the ODF frame lateral) Walk, at a time Along the ODF frame inside) , a plate of fiber post, forbidden in multiple disk fiber winding, cross, hanging between pillars, each pan fiber along can not have fiber winding on the pillars.

(3) the specific circumstances, should jump at the beginning of the adaptation of fiber after finishing binding rules.

(4) all jump fiber must be within the ODF frame cloth, it is strictly prohibited to stand outside the phenomenon such as cloth, the fly line.

(5) for emergency use in long jump fiber shall, in accordance with the rules on the fiber tray and shall not affect fiber after the jump.

3。 Jump fiber type and length control

1) According to the beam splitter and fiber box on the flange head choose corresponding jump fiber ( SC- SC、FC- FC、SC- FC)

2) Jump fiber optical cable, optical splitter to users over the length of the control within 50 cm long, 1 m, 2 m, 2 m is generally selected 5, 3 m tail fiber.

3) User terminal box ONU and fiber terminal jump fiber generally selected 50 cm short tail fiber.

4。 Jump fiber label management and standard

1) All the fiber label must use machine playing tag, do not allow the handwritten.

2) Room, light, in the corridor, the beam splitter to user's skin line cable jump fiber need to paste the label on both ends.

3) Effect is: after the completion of the unified specification length, according to the terminal position gap, the tag does not crisscross lamination.

4) Front for the light path name, opposite for the light path code and barcode, towards unity.

5) Change the text with drooping tail fiber, natural up.

5。 Light path necessary test

every Duan Guanglu jump fiber after the completion of the need for testing, test steps are as follows:

1) Optical power meter test the beam splitter to export 1490 wavelength, optical power should be less than. . . 22分贝。

2) Client 1490 wavelength optical power meter test, optical power should be less than. . . 23 the db, ONU maximum sensitivity is commonly - 24分贝。

3) Online debugging for users with ONU equipment.

4) If not receive light, can through the visible light ( Red light) To determine whether the wrong fiber.

5) If there is nothing wrong with fine but still light, live big loss, ONU can not work normally, can inform cable maintenance department processing.

6。 Resource management

it is forbidden to alter the construction of single fiber fiber order, need to change the light load shift maintenance of road resources, on the work order records of light path information, updated timely feedback to the resource department.

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