Fiber optic cable outer sheath why important? What material?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-05

fiber optic cable in general by the optical fiber core and cladding, coating, strengthening element, an outer sheath, outer sheath as protective layer of cables, such as fire prevention, moistureproof effect, when a fire starts in the data center had important effect on the performance of the outer sheath.

fiber optic cable outer sheath can be divided into different material types, each type of material of outer sheath has its inherent features, Fireproof performance differ) , suit to use scenarios, common outer sheath material divided into PE, PVC, PVDF, LSZH, Plenum, Riser, respectively in the following table shows the performance of the above material and application environment.

so, most of the outer sheath material has good flame retardant performance, whether the outer sheath material is the only criterion for a fiber optic cable fireproof performance? Not, flame retardant material used in the cable also must pass inspection, meet certain fire rating. PVC outer sheath of the cable, for example, to achieve the best fire performance, also need to consider the cable as a whole has reached the fire rating.

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