The quality of the optical fiber cable connector box optical cable joint box installation steps how to see

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-27

optical communication engineering wiring is dependent on the cable connector box, optical cable joint box is to two or more fibre-optic cable connected together, and protective components in some place, is the wires must be used in engineering construction, and is one of the important equipment, fiber optic cable connector box directly influences the quality of the service life of the quality of the cable lines and cable lines. So how about the quality of optical cable joint box to see? Cable connector box installation steps complicated? Let's to answer the two questions for you.

in order to ensure the quality and safety of user communication equipment, be sure to distinguish between high quality fiber optic cable connector box and the difference of inferior optical cable joint box. Let the optical fiber communication equipment such as terminal box quality enhancement, also gives users a certain security. Here to teach you how to choose the high quality of the cable connector box:

a, check the box body material.

high quality cable connector box is made of new material PC injection forming, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, long service life, and the surface is bright and clean and beautiful, the mechanical structure durable, resistant to different climate change and poor working environment.

2, check the applicability cable

high quality cable suitable for ribbon cable and common optical cable joint box, internal fuse flange can install according to the demand, and fiber optic disc was laid, to leave enough space can be separated from the construction of each optical fiber, optical fiber.

3, check the volume and capacity

high quality optical cable joint box of small size, large capacity, can install different adapter fixed module, distribution and maintenance is convenient. It can be installed on the wall and pole.

cable connector box installation steps of

1. Remove the cable sheath, If so, please remove the shield and armor) Then remove all around the package layer to reveal the pine casing, specific methods, please according to the standard methods of the optical fiber cable manufacturer recommended steps, length of 3 meters.

2, use detergent to clean the pine casing and strengthen core sheathed, remove excess filler sleeve, provided with sandpaper, fiber optic cable sheath 150 mm long.

folding cable installation

1, select the minimum diameter of the sealing ring, according to the cable diameter and the two sealing ring set on the cable.

2. The cable into the corresponding into the hole.

3, shielding and grounding connection.

4, in between the two sealing ring winding on the adhesive sealing tape, make the seal belt round to flush with the sealing ring diameter, to form a fiber optic cable sealing side.

5, the sealing side of the cable in the cable into the hole.

6, with throat hoop through the optical fiber reinforced the fixed seat and bracket, cable core cable fixed in connection with this seat, tighten hose hoops screws, until throat hoop tightening.

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