The difference between the switches and routers

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-09

with the development of the society, many families have two or more computers, in order to realize computer together on the Internet, routers and switches have slowly by more people cognition, but because the home routers and switches from the outside looks like, a lot of people don't know the difference between routers and switches, and what roles respectively.

what is the difference between the router and switch? Switches is implemented through a primary cable Internet access, but everyone is respectively dial-up Internet, broadband, each using their own appropriate people surf the Internet without the influence, even if the others in the download, is no effect to surf the Internet, and all use the same computer switches are in the same local area network (LAN). Router is more than the switches the function of a virtual dial-up, via the same router Internet computer is Shared a broadband account, everyone is mutual influence between Internet, for example, a computer in the download, so other computers on the same router will obviously feel the speed is slow. The same computer on a router is within a local area network (LAN).

if the above narrative everyone still don't understand the difference between the router and switch, then switches, small make up, for example, to come with you. Our family to get to the Internet, for example, must be a pull a broadband, but there are 3 computers in the home, want to through the same broadband Internet access, then use the router. Again as many university dormitory only a broadband interface, but the whole dormitory people all need to get to the Internet, and each has its own broadband accounts, the online discussion and want to do not affect each other, then the use of use of switches, everyone dial-up, and no influence each other.

routers have the function of switches at the same time, if you already have a router, but now want to switch when the router is used to do? Wan interface is very simple, router, broadband line is pick up on the wan interface, when the router when switches use, take out the broadband lines on the wan interface to other interfaces, empty up the wan ports.

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