The classification of ST fiber optic jumper wire and the matters needing attention

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-19

ST the classification of fiber optic jumper wire

1. ST fiber optic jumper according to different can be divided into single mode and multimode optical fiber type two kinds, specific as follows:

ST single-mode fiber jumper is usually yellow, suitable for long distance transmission;

ST multimode fiber jumper is usually orange, blue and green water, suitable for short distance transmission.

2。 ST fiber optic jumper - depending on the connector can be divided into ST FC fiber optic jumper, ST LC fiber optic jumper, ST - SC fiber optic jumper and ST - ST fiber optic jumper, specific as follows:

ST - ST fiber optic jumper is adopted the ST connector on both ends - ST connector shell assumes the circular, its core is exposed, adopted the turnbuckle fastening methods.

圣- FC fiber optic jumper is to use the ST connector at one end, on the other side is the FC connector, FC connector shell is round with screws, its external material is metal, adopted the fastening turnbuckle way;

圣- LC fiber optic jumper is to use the ST connector at one end, on the other side is the LC connector, LC connector is small in size, only half of the SC, FC connector, easy to operate;

圣- SC fiber optic jumper is to use the ST connector at one end, on the other side is the SC connectors, SC connector shell rectangular, adopted the plug pin bolt fastening methods.

ST the use of fiber optic jumper wire note

1. Read product manual carefully before installation, and then under the guidance of engineers for installation and debugging;

2。 Before using insert ST fiber optic jumper ceramic core and the insert core end face to wipe clean;

3。 The wavelength of light module should be the same on both ends and the correct use, short wave optical module USES ST multimode fiber jumper, longer wavelengths module USES ST single-mode fiber jumper wire;

4。 In the process of using never excessive bending and around ST fiber optic jumper wire;

5。 In time back to the dust cap, plug core and plug core end face of protection from dust and oil pollution.

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