The application of some optical cable in the data center

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-18

data center are expanding, driven by the increasing bandwidth demand and the change of network architecture. Although demand information may come from different sources, such as support for its basic cloud service operation of external customers, internal business units or traditional data center, but demand is the same, that is the need to provide quick service and response. Large network must be able to quickly deploy and effective management, and put into production soon.

impact on structured cabling

in the data center, the traditional structured cabling infrastructure deployment is based on early termination MTP trunk ( Ranging from 12 core - 144 core) System. To support the growth of the bandwidth requirements or the change of the technical architecture, some optical network is increasing accordingly. In high density area in order to satisfy the demand of connection, a cable of some 864 cores, and in some cases even as high as 1728 core. Application space

due to the evolution of the data center environment, wiring structure must be changed in order to meet the needs of the data center. The following figure, the data center room internal and campus network connection, is defined as a data center.


for data center design, fiber optic cabling needs to consider many factors, including network architecture, the planning area, production area, etc. Wiring structure is designed on the basis of network structure of deployment, for example, in most cases the data center are used TOR switch mode of network architecture, one option is to low for this kind of network architecture to deploy some cable to each TOR switches in the cabinet. Another option is that the cable can use MOR or EOR deployment way, connected to equipment cabinets. Do this fiber can be merged, improve the utilization efficiency of rack space.

in many traditional data center design, when the link request is greater than 12 core optical fiber is composed of multiple combination of 12 core cable laying. Due to some fibers demand continues to grow, use multiple low some cable will face the challenges of the cable management. To address these challenges, many data center wiring design USES 144 core MTP & # 174; The trunk cable. If the data center deployment time need of optical fiber link some more than 144 core, takes more than 144 core MTP & # 174; To achieve the required backbone fiber optic cable installation. For example, if a link to the 288 core optical fiber, use the two 144 MTP & # 174; Cable installed. Using high some cable installation, wiring can greatly reduce the data center deployment time.

of course, due to the data center various scenarios and requirements of fiber optic cabling and deployment scheme has been diversified. , analyzing the specific problems also need to consult communication if there is demand of sales staff members.

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