That is commonly used in network engineering fiber optic jumper wire type? What are those?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-21

fiber optic jumper ( Also known as optical fiber connectors) , which is connected to the light module of optical fiber connector, there is also a good variety of, and can not be interoperability between each other. Not often contact the people may think of the fiber GBIC and SFP module of optical fiber connector is the same, but it is not. SFP modules by LC optical fiber connector, the GBIC SC fiber optical fiber connector. The following several kinds of commonly used in network engineering optical fiber connector for detailed instructions:

1. FC type fiber optic jumper: external strengthening way is to use metal sleeve, fastening way as the turnbuckle. Generally adopted in ODF side ( The distribution frame use most)

2. SC type fiber optic jumper: connection module GBIC light connector, its shell is rectangular, fastening way is to use the plug pin bolt type, need not to rotate. ( The router switches use most)

3. ST type fiber optic jumper wire: often used in optical fiber distribution frame, shell assumes the circular, fastening way as the turnbuckle. ( For the base - 10 F connection, the connector is usually ST type. Commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame)

4 LC type fiber optic jumper: connect the SFP module connector, it USES the convenient operation modular jack ( RJ) The latch mechanism. ( The router) is commonly used

⑤MT - RJ type fiber optic jumper: transceiver integrated square optical fiber connector, a double fiber transceiver.

ST, SC connectors connectors are often used for general network. ST head insert a bayonet fixed rotation and a half weeks after, defect is easy to break; SC connector plug directly, very convenient use, defect is easy to fall out; FC head general telecom network connecting the, there is a nut to the adapter, advantage is strong, dust proof, defect is the installation time is a bit long. MTRJ fiber-optic jumper by two high precision plastic injection of connector and cable. External connector for precision plastic parts, include push-pull type plug card lock mechanism. Suitable for indoor application in telecommunications and data network system.

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