How to manage the data center of optical fiber jumpers?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-14

in the data center room built after use, factors that affect the overall performance data center room and from the device performance gradually shifted to the basis of 'human factors' aspect of operations management. In the data center room after running for a long time, how to efficient management fiber optic jumper, actually to a great extent, determines the overall operational efficiency data center room. So, what should we do to better manage fiber?

have to say, many current data center room jump line in the design and operational aspects there are still too many questions, computer users in the jump line design, product selection, human maintenance, personnel training, etc financial effort is not enough, and this is largely restricted the room for the overall performance of the users. In discussing how to realize the standardized design and management of the at the same time, enhance corporate users for room the importance of fiber optic jumpers, is improve the overall level of the IT enterprises are the most important thing to do.

fiber to give full play to its advantages and don't be a trouble of IT management, reasonable and effective management are essential. Network management personnel in the specific work will often encounter the following problems:

1, the network malfunction, how to quickly find out the fault location of the physical location and related to the whole link?

2, for network system has been built and put into use, in the face of changing equipment, add, or change of work position requirements, such as how to provide network ( Including telephone, etc. ) Support, and the altered document management?

3, how to effectively avoid the difficulties brought about by the changes for maintenance personnel to maintenance and loss?

with the popularity of structured cabling project, increasing the flexibility of IT systems, at the same time the user changes the network connection or hopping frequency is increased, and the stand or fall of jump line is important factor affecting the network fault overall situation, according to the survey 60 - 70% of the network fault is due to the unclear of line management lead to unreliable or paralysis of the entire network, network management personnel is not possible then according to the project completion figure or network topology for network maintenance work, what they need most is a clear network maintenance interface, can physical layer for real-time management of integrated wiring.

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