Fiber Optic Cables - Basic Designs and Exclusive

by:Fiber Hope     2020-04-03
Fiber optics is the technology used in order to transport information from one site to another. Telecommunication systems and computer technologies are two of the specific applications it provides. It operates with the help of a thin and flexible glass or the aid of plastic tubes in the manner of optical fibers. data with coded pulses are transferred through the help of modulated light waves. Overall, the aid of fiber optic cables becomes relevant in these scientific and technological businesses. In order to grasp what fiber optic cables are, it is ideal to look into what comprises it. These cables are conceived in a range of ways. In addition, one must also get an idea about the special types of cables applicable in fiber optics. Fiber optic cable basic designs A fiber optic cable design is made based on the external core diameter and the cladding layer. Essentially, the size is 62.5/125 microns for its external core diameter and 8/125 microns for its cladding. The fundamental parts of the design are divided into four pieces namely the ferrule, cable, connector housing and coupling tool. The ferrule operates as a device for aligning the fiber in the total design. It is comprised of a thin cylinder type and is usually produced out of metal, ceramic or plastic items. Next to the ferrule is the cable, the part that offers correct access to the fiber. It is attached to the third component called as the connector housing. The connector housing also connects to the first portion or the ferrule that is linked to the coupling gadget for fiber optic cables. Coupling devices usually come in alignment sleeves and are appropriate in joining connectors. Fiber optic cable connector special types The fiber cable connector design listed above is very basic. There are industries that require special connector designs though. One design is identified as the subminiature Type A or SMA. This is one that highlights the ostensible screw-on mechanism. This connector type comes in different designs - some with straight screw connectors while others with smaller connection mechanisms found on either ends of the connector. An additional kind of connector for fiber optic cables is recognized as the straight-tip or ST connector. This one depends on a bayonet mount lock, a flexible link that can either be separated then refastened with much ease. Of course, the square connector or SC is also highly chosen especially because it prevents crossing of fibers during installation. This one is easily discernible to the user as it has a square tip.
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