Fiber jumper, fiber optic fiber and fiber optic connectors have to differ?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-19

fiber jumper, fiber optic fiber and fiber optic connectors it is difficult to points clear, a lot of friends when buying is relatively easy to put down the errors.

before a friend said to optical fiber connector, sent a picture to show him, say no, ask under just know, what he needs is a fiber optic jumper. Fiber optic jumper wire and fiber tail fiber is easy to be confused, because itself has less difference of the two.

fiber optic jumper refers to connect the device to fiber optic cabling link jump connection, both sides have a joint, a thicker layer of protection, commonly used in optical transceiver and the connection between the terminal box.

fiber tail fiber is also called the pig tail line, only one end is a joint, the other end is a piece of broken ends of optical fiber core, to describe, is the middle of the fiber optic jumper from the cut is the two optical fiber tail fiber. Is mainly used to weld the broken ends of the tail fiber and other optical fiber core is linked together, often appear in optical terminal box.

in short, fiber optic jumper, because both sides have joint is so connected devices and equipment, and the tail fiber connector at one end, one end of the break is usually the connection between the cable and equipment.

optical fiber connector is actually refers to the fiber optic connectors, often also referred to as the coupler, connecting head generally can be divided into four kinds: head, FC, SC, ST and LC first.

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