Data center operations work how to do?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-05

the cloud, the cloud data, cloud storage is a reference to the highest rate in the construction of IT system of three nouns. The current many enterprises are in the cloud architecture transformation, more and more enterprises to join the cloud data center, the results have created a data center operation and maintenance of severe challenges.

want to grab business enterprise in cloud computing era, must ensure that all system normal operation, quickly IT system construction enterprise development has become the crucial one annulus. Business systems, as well as the infrastructure of the system is to support business usually is the enterprise focus on priority; Normal security business fast running late is operational system. Because every time the transformation of the IT system, operational system and business security is the most difficult part. In the current enterprise IT system moment of transition to the cloud architecture, operational system once again faced with new challenges. So at the time of data center operations, operations staff can anticipate some of the questions is:

1 data center system need to pay attention to the trend of intelligent automatic operations and difficult points: intelligent automation operations is the trend of the era of the cloud data center is especially important. Public cloud infrastructure resources more concentrated, the enterprise give up self-built data center to public clouds, infrastructure resources so concentrated in the hands of a third party service providers. This part makes enterprise operational lightweight, more pay attention to the operations of the upper application, back-end heavier infrastructure operations on public clouds on a third party service providers. Centralized infrastructure operations, DaTiLiang into automated operations provide a good living space, enterprise front-end lightweight operations can even by large data presented in the form of intelligence.

2 data center network security to prevent human error and the network threat: because the error start a BUG, will lead to visit the website console and a number of product features appear problem, has caused great influence. In fact, in addition to natural disasters such as reason, some security problems in the data center operations will most likely be man-made. The centralization of the data center resources let us feel gradually, the trend of large-scale data center failure is more and more obvious, from the point of view of network security a vulnerability is used, it may lead to larger data loss or even equipment downtime incidents.

3 data center platform integration leads to more difficult point of failure monitoring: cloud data center operations management objects are divided into five categories: computer room environment infrastructure part, contain the wind fire water and electricity, etc. ; All kinds of equipment, including storage, server, network equipment, security equipment and other hardware resources; Systems and data, including the operating system, database, middleware, application software, such as resources and business data; Management tools, including the infrastructure monitoring software, monitoring software, the workflow management platform, reporting platform, SMS platform

from the above analysis of the data it is important to get data center operations, data center operations will become one of the core competitiveness of cloud computing. Now is another direction for the development of the input of artificial intelligence in cloud operations and practice, let the data center robot into more operational business scenarios, replace the traditional manual operation, provide highly automatic and intelligent 'unattended' type of cloud data center operations solutions. Let more routine operations and routine inspection and equipment by the program cooperate to liberate staff, let operations staff work into the intelligent operation, real-time control and processing stages.

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