By reusing technology how to obtain a higher speed in fiber optic cable

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-30

time-division multiplexing

time division multiplexing is a kind of using smaller and smaller time increment to transmit more data, and the low data rate signal multiplexing in high speed composite signal. By time division multiplexing, low

speed of electrical signals in time, and in faster composite optical transmission way. As a result, the income of high data rate will be the single input rate of several times.

now there are many such examples, parallel electrical signal, by using this combination in the multiplexer, and serialization in transmission rate so as to realize the Ethernet. 10 GBPS Ethernet has four channels, for example, choose

item, each channel accounted for a quarter of the rate of 2. 5Gbps。

today, Ethernet * rate of each channel is 25 GBPS. If we look to the future, the rate of 50 GBPS channel has been in development.

a higher rate, can use more complicated multilevel coding scheme to gain more bits by each symbol. The signs of * speed limit was reached, you will need to make the

to use alternative technologies to increase the speed of the compound channel.

air separation reuse

air separation reuse, commonly referred to as parallel optical fiber, is an increase in composite link through one or more optical fiber to add one or more channels. In this case, a channel is actually another

a optical fiber. This is the time division multiplexing channel of an alternative, in time-division multiplexing, signals to merge according to time on the same optical fiber. There are a lot of application examples of this technology in the industry. For example, 40 g SR4

through the use of four channels or optical fiber, provide 40 GBPS rate on multimode fiber. Is there are four channels in each direction. This is what the meaning of 'SR4' in 4, 4 channels, each of the 10 GBPS.

& # 8195;   Use 10 10 GBPS channel to provide 100 GBPS standard called SR10 solution. The second generation 100 g channel rate increased to 25 GBPS, four channels can provide 100 g, then combine the improvement of time-division multiplexing parallel optical fiber technology, can achieve the objectives of the higher speeds.


WDM is through the different wavelengths of light ( Color) Isolation of multiple channels, the multiplex rendezvous and separation technology to send signals at the same time. As the name suggests, used for the transmission wavelength band is divided into many segments, each segment can be used for communication channel. Multiple channel extrusion as a small spectrum is possible. Used for long distance, single-mode system common version called DWDM or coarse wavelength division multiplexing. In the multimode system, short wavelength division multiplexing technology are emerging.

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