Two core interior leather line cable have what characteristics?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-08

two core interior leather line cable, is a kind of specific (FTTH Optical fiber to the home) Development of indoor optical cable products, body center, the light in the fiber core cable placed on both sides of the two strengthening core, sheathed cable outer seal. In addition to this product also have features:

1, small diameter, light weight, strong practicability;

2, simple structure, reasonable, has good compressive strength, tensile strength, anti-aging properties;

3, '8' word groove design, easy to peel sheath, simplify the installation and maintenance;

4, small bending radius and excellent flexibility, various indoor optical fiber to the home wiring environment;

5, meet and exceed the ITU G. 657 standard of the fiber core, have the same type product high performance-to-price ratio;

6, it is recommended to use FTTH situations: without elv pipe or the remaining space, flat layer without condole, terminal box box to the floor, floor indoor distribution box to the users as the endpoint, reconstruction of old area, residential area;

and easy to hand out optical fiber, optical fiber cable soft performance and bending performance is good, can use soft like regular telephone line, even in the cable force after folding and knot optical fiber core is not broken, especially suitable for the building of small Angle of the characteristics of the installation.

two core interior leather line cable used in fiber optic enter a thumb into the cable. Skin is black, the relatively small diameter, good flexibility; Cross section 8, reinforcement is located in the center of the two round, can use a metal or non-metal structures, optical fiber is located in the geometric center of the 8. More than two core interior leather line internal optical fiber cable with G. 657 small optical fiber bending radius, can with 20 mm of bending radius, laying for pipeline way inside the building or the door open wire ways. Two core interior leather line cable unique 8 structure can realize the scene in a relatively short time into the

two core interior leather line cable is a new type of household name is a butterfly into 2 core cable, fiber optic cable interior leather line cable, commonly known as the two core because of small size light weight, suitable for the situation of the cable entry, wiring can be cut according to the distance, provides the construction efficiency greatly.

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