The role of optical fiber cable in communication engineering

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-27

fiber optic cable is the main transmission way of modern communication transmission system, the development of optical fiber cable only in one hundred and twenty, has experienced three times of upgrade: shortwave multimode optical fiber cable, long wavelength multimode optical fiber cable and long wavelength single mode optical fiber cable. Using fiber optic cable is a major communication and transport system change, fiber optic cable at present in China has entered the practical stage, in addition, several countries have now announced that no longer cable line construction, and committed to the development of fiber optic cable.

summary of fiber optic cable, optical fiber cable is used to carry the information transmission of light in order to achieve the purpose of communication and transport. To make light waves to carry information carrier, must to modulation, at the receiving end to the information from the waves are detected. As a fiber optic cable transmission technology, its development history but 30 ~ 40 years, but it has completely changed the face of the world communication and transport, the future development is immeasurable.

fiber optic cable transmission principle: first of all in the sender send information (in the first place Such as voice) Into electrical signals, and then sent to the laser modulation laser beam, make the light intensity with the range of the electrical signals ( Frequency) Changes, and through the optical fiber cable sent out; After receiving the optical signal at the receiving end, detector convert it into electrical signals, after demodulation to restore the original information.

the advantages of fiber optic cable transmission, large capacity of communication, the transmission distance; The wastage of the fiber optic cable is extremely low; Small signal interference, good secrecy performance; Resistance to electromagnetic interference, transfer, good quality; Fiber optic cable small size, light weight, easy to lay and transportation; Rich material source, environmental protection, which is beneficial to save non-ferrous metals copper; No radiation, difficult to eavesdrop on; Cable strong adaptability, long service life. Fiber optic cable transmission faults: crisp texture, poor mechanical strength; ) Fiber optic cable cut and succeeded need certain tools, equipment and technology; Shunt, coupling is not flexible; Fiber optic cable bending radius of cable can't too small ( > 20cm) ; There are power supply problems.

fiber optic cable development prospects: from the above advantages and disadvantages analysis, a little greater than the disadvantages, some defects can be avoid in the process of implementing again at the same time, so the overall communication is realized by using optical fiber cable transmission is a major progress of communication and transport, and the reality of our country each year sales of fiber optic cable communications equipment and cables are keep rising, also proves that the development of the fiber optic cable market prospect is very broad.

fiber optic cable too much convenience for people's life.

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