The general structure of the optical fiber connector and performance

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-19

optical fiber connector general structure:

the main purpose of the optical fiber connector is used to realize the connection of the fiber. Has been widely used in optical fiber communication system of optical fiber connector, the species is numerous, different structure. But on closer inspection, the basic structure of the various types of optical fiber connector is consistent, namely the vast majority of the general components for high precision optical fiber connector ( By two pin coupling tube and a total of three parts) To achieve the alignment of the fiber connection.

this method is to fiber inserted and fixed in the pin, and the pin surface after polishing processing, achieve alignment in the coupling tube. Components of the pin method with metal or nonmetal materials. The butt end of the pin must be grinding processing, on the other side usually adopt bending limit artifacts to support soft fiber or fiber cable to release stress. Coupling tube is usually made from materials such as ceramics, or bronze of the two halves of the synthesis, tighten cylindrical artifacts, equipped with metal or plastic flange, so that the installation of the connector is fixed. As accurately as far as possible on the optical fiber, the pin and the coupling tube high machining accuracy requirements. Performance:

the performance of the optical fiber connector, the first is optical performance, in addition to consider the compatibility of optical fiber connector, repeatability, tensile strength, temperature and the number of plug, etc.

( 1) Optical performance: in the light of the optical fiber connector performance requirements, mainly is the insertion loss and return loss of the two most basic parameters.

insertion loss ( InsertionLoss) The connection loss, refers to the link caused by connector import optical power loss effectively. Insertion loss as small as possible, general requirements should not be greater than zero. 5分贝。

return loss ( ReturnLoss ReflectionLoss) Refers to the optical power connector to link reflex inhibitory ability, its typical values should not be less than 25 db. Practical application of the connector, pin after the special surface polishing treatment, can make the return loss is bigger, generally not less than 45 db.

( 2) Interchangeability, repeatability

optical fiber connector is gm's passive components, for the same type of optical fiber connector, generally can be used in any combination, and can be used repeatedly, and import the additional loss are generally less than 0. The range of 2 db.

( 3) Tensile strength

to make optical fiber connector, general requirements the tensile strength shall be not less than 90 n.

( 4) Temperature

general requirements, optical fiber connector must be in - 40 oc ~ + 70 oc temperatures can be normal use.

( 5) Plug number

basic can use of optical fiber connector plug l000 more than once.

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