The classification of fiber optic jumper wire and the matters needing attention of choose and buy

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-20

a, the classification of fiber optic jumper wire

fiber optic jumper wire can be divided by different transmission medium common silicon-based single-mode and multimode optical fiber jumpers, and other such as such as plastic fiber optic jumper for transmission medium;

according to the connection head structure can be divided into: FC jumper wire jumper wire jumper, SC, ST, LC jumper, MTRJ jumper, MPO jumper, MU jumper, SMA jumper, FDDI jumper, E2000 jumper, DIN4 jumper, D4 jumper wire and so on various forms. More common fiber optic jumper wire can also be divided into the FC - FC、FC- SC、FC- LC, FC - ST、SC- SC、SC- ST, etc.

single-mode fiber ( 单 mode Fiber) : general optical fiber jumper with yellow, joints and cases in blue; Transmission distance is longer than the other.

multimode fiber ( 多 mode Fiber) Said: general optical fiber jumper with orange, also some said with gray, joints and protection to beige or black; Transmission distance is short.

2, the selection of optical fiber jumper wire

fiber optic jumper by termination type points mainly has the following three types: ST - ST、SC- SC,圣- SC。

according to the optical fiber type points mainly include two categories, single-mode optical fiber and multimode fiber.

jump line length specification is 0. 5 m and 1 m, 2 m, 3 m, 5 m, 10 m, etc.

according to the cable outer sheath material can be divided into ordinary, ordinary flame retardant, low smoke zero halogen type ( LZSH) , low smoke zero halogen flame retardant, etc.

according to the requirements of the level of building fire protection and for materials refractory, integrated wiring system should take corresponding measures.

in inflammable area and building shaft cloth cable or optical cable, flame retardant cable and cable should be adopted;

in large-scale public places appropriate USES flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity of cable or optical cable;

between adjacent equipment or transfer of flame retardant wiring equipment should be adopted.

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