Light module power profile

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-07

light module power description

module power generally refers to the light emission light power modules, is light module is an important parameter, will directly affect the quality of network communication.

common optical module power range

the m - 1000 SFP properties ( GigabitEthernet type)

10 GXFP light module properties ( GigabitEthernet type)

10 GXFP light module properties ( POS type)

how to test the light module power

we commonly used tool is the optical power meter and optical attenuator, test steps are as follows:

1, optical power meter is used to measure the optical transmitter, optical output power, according to different model parameters to choose the appropriate optical power meter;

2, connect the transmitter to the receiver and the transmitter can provide maximum optical input power, check if it can work normally, the minimum light power input to the receiver can receive the test receiver, if the receiver can still provide the best performance;

3, calculate the attenuation level test required. Method: if the light of the transmitter output power is - 15 dBm, the minimum power of light - the receiver 32 dBm, the difference between them is 17 dB. So you can use the 17 dB optical attenuator, and to test the receiver.

the cause of bad light module power

1, launch the component TOSA bad or PD + pin virtual welding

2 and power resistance does not match the

3, driving chip patch bad or bad performance

4, leads at the foot of the chip components ( Capacitor, resistor and inductor or magnetic beads) Bad, leakage post wrong or

5, LD +, LD - The magnetic beads, road line leak post wrong or

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