How to distinguish between MB and gigabit Ethernet cable?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-13

correlates to identify network cable and gigabit Ethernet cable first understand the basic knowledge of the Internet, also into a twisted-pair cable, is used for the transmission of network information media, the transmission conductor is oxygen-free copper, different environment with different outer sheath cable form we see. Cable outer sheath is PVC, low smoke zero halogen, etc. Commonly used cable has five types of cables, six types of cable, ultra six types of cables, etc. , support rate is respectively 100 MBPS, 1000 MBPS, 10 GBPS.

1。 Through network identifying information to distinguish

cable outer sheath identity information will display: CAT5, CAT6, E CAT7 and CAT8, corresponding to the type of cable is 5 line, five lines, six lines to line, seven or eight classes. Super five kinds of cable line is MB network cable, six kind of line is gigabit Ethernet cable, super six, seven line is Wan Zhao cables, eight class line is ShiWanZhao cables.

2。 Use of wiring devices to identify

after the cable laying will rarely adjustment, some non-standard cable aging or have already worn cables, without identification information or title fuzzy can be judged through the network equipment of light. Now a lot of network equipment for different network speeds have different lights. Testing equipment around each front-end ports has two green light, the left said 100 m rate, on the right side of the bright said the rate of 10 m, both bright said connection is 1000 MB devices. , of course, switches, cables, and switches connected devices are support 1000 m, the 1000 m will be bright. If you don't have a gigabit device, this method could not be detected.

3。 With the help of a computer network card information to determine

can through a computer network card information, if your card is 1000 m, you also supports 1000 m switches or routers, with this wiring of computer and the router, a computer network card information will be display, of course, if one of your computer or router does not support gigabit, this also not verify.

4。 Different types of cable wire diameter is different

CeLiangWang graviation diameter will generally use vernier caliper, if with vernier caliper can be according to the following data to identify. CLAN super five kinds of wire diameter: 0. 505±0. 02mm—— 0. 515±0. 02 mm, six kinds of wire diameter: 0. 545±0. 02mm—— 0. 57±0. 02 mm( There is cross skeleton) 。

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