How much do you know common interface of fiber optic jumper

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-17

is divided into single mode fiber optic jumpers jumpers and multimode jump line. From the point of exterior color, single-mode fiber is yellow, multimode optical fiber to orange or green. From the appearance TAB, single-mode fiber using SM print, multimode optical fiber using MM print. Multimode fiber used for short distance transport, single-mode fiber is used for long distance transmission.

fiber optic jumper has a variety of interface options.

SC interface, rectangular blue interface, used for plug-in equipment, do not need to rotate, the widely used optical transceiver.

LC interface, small blue interface, is half the size of the SC interface, SFP module USES more light. Two LCS together referred to as the DLC.

the FC interface, round thread interface, USES the screw fastening, widely used optical fiber connector.

ST interfaces, round buckle, such as optical fiber connection box is widely used.

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