How does 12 core optical fiber jumper?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-13

each terminal using only a core optical fiber light.

1, find out how much you have route.

2, has several optical fiber each line terminal, namely the fiber quantity required for each route;

3, make sure you keep spare fiber number ( It depends on you, you can keep all six core or a core) ;

4, the optical fiber used can be calculated from the above total = use count + spare fiber optical fiber, then welding. Point = * 2, total fiber tail fiber number * fusion point, jump line number * logarithmic * 2 + fiber terminal backup.

5, junction box computing a bit more complicated. Multiple terminals for multiple distance. In the computer room, the number of terminal is equal to the number of cable. Also used the optical distribution frame. The number depends on the access number of fiber optic cable and optical fiber port number. The number of the adapter can be the same as the fusion point number, can also be fully equipped with electrical port.

24 points, such as single mode optical fiber cable 12 core welding on one side of the 12 core, on both sides of the 24 core, namely the tail fiber 24 root, jump line between 12 core, 12 core on each side, on both sides of the 24 core, a total of 36 core.

However, with the increased prevalence of fiber optic cable, it has become far more affordable.
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