Fiber optic jumper wire production step is?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-23

fiber optic jumper is frequently used in our daily life, so how his production process?

fiber optic jumper wire production process baidu & # 8194;  

1。 Optical fiber pretreatment:

peel fiber, the introduction of professional peel fiber tools, mainly for coating layer stripping, reduce the harm of fiber cladding. For multimode optical fiber, this impact is not big, but for single-mode fiber, influence is big. Single-mode fiber which has a parameter called mode field diameter, is a sign of single-mode fiber cladding part is to transfer optical signal. In theory, if the optical fiber cladding damage will make its polarization mode dispersion increases, the attenuation increases. Actual test results, the influence has, but is not big. One thing it is to pay attention to, and through the multiple fiber cladding damaged fiber were tested and found the package layer damage will increase the possibility of fiber bending fracture, and the bent 1550 wavelength attenuation increase is more obvious.

2。 Optical fiber core plug assembly:

with about 4 - core plug assembly can reduce the cost 5 / head, ha ha, don't look down upon this a few cents. Insert core, unified the Japanese seiko ceramic core, cost is high, but its eccentricity is very good. Eccentric ( Concentricity) Has two, one is the fiber itself, one is the core. With a simple method can preliminary judgment into the core of good or bad, will wear fiber into core, then pour fiber, see if inserted core to slide from the optical fiber, good core, will not slide from the optical fiber.

3。 Note glue preparation:

before grinding is mainly for glue and core processing. First is the choice of glue, most of the more specification of fiber optic jumper wire factory chose 353 nd ( Epoxy glue) 。 This glue is convenient to use, according to the ratio of 10:1, its to high-speed rotation, will be one of the bubbles out, avoided in the future because of temperature change on the change of the optical fiber stress, fiber optic microbend and produce attenuation caused by increased.  

4。 Insert core note glue:

note glue to insert core front-end slightly colloid shall prevail. The introduction of many insert core note glue equipment at the same time, the amount of control is very precise, very fast. Zhongguancun has sold cheap fiber optic jumpers are not generally note glue, but fiber optical coating, it will produce the problem such as optical fiber head easy to fall off, optical fiber bending.

5。 Colloid fixed-line:

insert fiber note rubber core, and then into the curing furnace for curing. General colloid curing temperature is 80 - 90 ° C, the time is about 60 minutes, in order to increase production, also can adjust the temperature of 150 ° C, the time is about ten minutes, due to its gel inside and outside temperature difference is too big, stress produced by colloid is difficult to control and optical fiber changes will produce what cannot be estimated, may affect the fiber itself.

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