8 fiber cable and the comparison of 12 fiber cable: how to choose?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-12

12 significantly greater than 8, so compared with 8 fiber cable connection technology, 12 fiber cable connection technology does have a advantage in fiber connector use density, therefore, when using 12 fiber cable connection technology, can be faster to install a lot of fiber. But as a result of 40 g and 100 g line to deploy more, and these lines of eight root is used in optical fiber transceiver, thus keeping the number of MTP backbone connection technology of optical fiber and fiber transceivers amount consistent benefit will be better than the density of 12 fiber cable connection technology advantage.

in addition, the use of duplex branch of MTP to LC jumper wire connected to the switch card, 8 core branch can easily jump line routing to all common line card port, because the number of ports all common line card can be divided exactly by number four, Because core 8 branch jump line can provide four road LC duplex connections) 。 If the connection is to provide all LC duplex 12 core branch of jump line, the branch routing to jump line cannot be easily with 16 or 32 port line card, because the number 16 and 32 cannot be divided exactly by number six. 8 fiber cable and 12 fiber cable connection technology deployment in the data center of comparative advantage as bellow.

although each connector USES optical fiber density can not be ignored, but most people still pay more attention to how to faster transfer speed to 40 g and 100 g. At present, any recent plans to data center migration to 40 g or 100 g network will find using 8 fiber cable connect technology has more advantages.

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