The principle of optical fiber to jump fiber and transmission principle

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-23

fiber optic jumper wire is a kind of short line, used to connect two optical fibers, generally with specific connectors at both ends.

fiber optics is the shorthand of optical fiber, is a kind of made of glass or plastic fiber, can be used as light transmission tool. Transmission principle is' total reflection of light. Former President Charles kao, the Chinese university of Hong Kong and George A. Hockham first puts forward the design of optical fiber can be used for the communication transmission, Charles kao therefore won the Nobel Prize for physics in 2009.

the original two lines ( Firstly or equipment or the equipment) To one route to another route signals, can jump over it. Fiber optic jumper wire is a kind of short line, used to connect two optical fibers, generally with specific connectors at both ends.

jumped fiber is usually short for fiber. Jump fiber optical fiber is usually between ODF frame. Equipment to the ODF frame of fiber optical fiber is commonly referred to as equipment.

jump means that the routing topology graph, according to engineering have jump fiber to the upstream or the site, such as to build a new base station ( A) Optical fiber to receive another base station ( B) On the light, so in the new station must to ( B) Standing jump fiber to the ( A) Stand! As well as middle jump fiber, for example ( A) Want to use ( C) Standing light mouth, but ( A) To ( C) No cable until between standing, but ( A) Station and ( C) Station has a cable to the ( B) Stand, this kind of situation on ( B) Standing with tail fiber ( A) Standing with ( C) Stand connected! It into a small loop!

shenzhen communication is introduced, in fiber optic cable and equipment maintenance work, when there is blocking business, if have a spare fiber core resources, shall be carried out in the first place of work, we call it 'fine'. The fine operation directly relates to whether the communication can in the shortest possible time to clear.

the steps of the fibre can be divided into:

1, the fiber orders;

2, command the notified the instructions, accurate to check school notice to end in a fiber core and secondary fiber core data, determine the fiber order, get ready;

3, command the notice to the end, according to the customer order one by one is fine;

4, customer business adjustment immediately after the completion of business through resistance situation and report to check device;

5, update the fiber core materials to prepare for the next adjustment.

transmission principle of fiber optic jumper wire

1, can be used to transmit analog signals and digital signals;

2, and can satisfy the requirement of video transmission;

3, jump line several chief types, round head FC and small square, square head, SC, LC, ST, connector, can be used to connect optical transceiver and terminal box.

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