The commonly used technical indicator light way

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-01

( 1) Insert the consumption.

optical divider insert consumption refers to the way each output relative to input light loss on the number of dB and its mathematical expression is: Ai = - 10 lg Pouti/Pin, the Ai is refers to the case of an outlet I insert consumption; Pouti is the ith a light power output port; The Pin is input entire optical power value.

( 2) Additional cost.

additional consumption define sum of all the output port of light power relative to the input optical power loss on the number of DB. It is worth mentioning that the fiber coupler, additional consumption is the goal of performance device manufacturing process quality, reaction device to construct process inherent in consumption, the consumption as small as possible, is the audit target of construction quality. While inserting consumption only implies that the output power of each output port status, not only has the consumption of inherent identity, consider the influence of ratio. Is based on the differences between fiber coupler, insert the difference of consumption is not grams less reaction device build quality.

( 3) Spectral ratio.

ratio define for optical divider output ratio of each output port in the system by using spectral optical nodes than it is in accordance with the real system of optical power needed much sure suitable ratio ( Except evenly dispatch) , optical divider ratio is related to the wavelength of light transmission, for example, a branch of light in a transmission 1. 31 micron light two output whole spectral ratio of area; 1 in the transmission. 5 microns light, into 70, 30 ( Is to present this kind of environment, is caused by the divider has a certain bandwidth, transmission ratio foundation stability - the band width of the standard led light) 。 Is to is bound to say during the customized optical divider wavelength.

( 4) Cut off.

sever degree refers to light a light path of divider for other optical path of light can break off a standard lights. In above the goal, the significance of sever degree optical divider is more serious, in the real system in use is often necessary to sever degree reached over 40 db device, otherwise will affect the function of the total system.

other optical divider invariance is also one of the main target, the so-called temperature shift invariance is to point to in the world and the other components of shift, light divider ratio and other functional goals should be stable foundation link, polishing the invariance of the divider complete reality depends on the degree of process production manufacturer, divide manufacturer of the product, the quality difference of proportion. In practical use, I also touched many exact quality bad light way, not only the function of target degradation is quick, and high damage rate of proportion, in optical fiber feeder of the main components, necessary to notice when the choose and buy, means less light price, low degree of technology of optical branching price must be low. In addition, the average consumption, echo, the underlying purpose, PDL in optical divider occupies extremely main position in the functional goals.

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