The choice of optical fiber distribution frame method

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-17

choose distribution frame method

1. Optical fiber distribution frame is mounted on the wall or 19 'rack? Optical fiber distribution frame is usually installed in a 19 'rack, for small installations may also be installed directly on the wall.

2。 Whether there is cable remaining amount put space? Should keep a certain amount of fiber optic cable to prevent snap fiber within the distribution frame, under high stress, and can prevent the optical fiber is pulled out distribution frame.

3。 If there is a protective device? Inside the fiber distribution frame should be equipped with optical fiber protection device.

4。 Different commonality of coupler on the distribution frame as far as possible reflects the generality. Such as LC type optical fiber distribution frame can be suitable for duplex LC/simplex SC/MTRJ type fiber optic adapter; ST type optical fiber distribution frame can be suitable for ST and FC type fiber optic adapter. Greatly improve the availability of the products.

5。 Flexible structure? This feature still is to increase the availability of the product. Optical fiber distribution frame according to the structure, can be divided into three types, namely, wall hung, machine cabinet and rack mount. Wall generally to the enclosure structure, suitable for fiber cable article number and some smaller bureau. Machine cabinet is closed structure, fiber core capacity is fixed, the appearance is more beautiful. Racks are usually adopts the modular design, user can choose according to the number of cable and specifications corresponding module, flexibly assembled on the frame, it is a future oriented structure, can provide convenient conditions for optical fiber distribution frame to the later development. Optical distribution frame should choose aluminum frame, its structure is firm, appearance also beautiful. The shape of the frame size should be similar to the current transmission equipment standard rack, for room arrangement. Surface treatment and color should be similar to other equipment inside the room, to keep the whole inside the room is beautiful.

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