The application of indoor optical fiber cable and choice

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-02

the application of indoor optical fiber cable and selection generally includes the following:

( A) Vertical cable ( 立管)

& # 8195;   After the cable into the building, you need to provide equipment, equipment room entrance or computer room and the connections between different floor communications cabinet, called a 'vertical wiring system'. At this point, the wiring between the optical fiber cable is located in the floor more vertical piping shaft ( 立管) Inside. Therefore, optical fiber cable need to take more tensile force ( * weight) 。

( 2) Single core and dual core interconnection indoor cable ( Interconnectcable)

tight set of single core, tight set of eight double core, the core set of 2 ~ 4 core circular structure indoor optical fiber cable with very good softness tight set of aramid yarn structure and high carrying around a set of optical fiber, optical cable structure of small size, good softness, affordable small bending radius, there is no inventory, is fiber to the workstation, communication cabinet, tail fiber, jump line interpolation wiring, communication terminal cabinet inside the wall, terminal to the transceiver application such as the ideal choice of the interconnect cable. Them directly with standard connectors, communication cabinet, distribution boxes, boxes, equipment boxes, protection played in between the light end equipment and with the trunk ( Vertical) The role of interconnection between optical fiber cable. This type of cable in the limited space is both convenient and easy installation, wiring become limited space, the ideal of building of soft line network cable.

( 3) Inflatable environment with cable ( Plenum)

in indoor applications, when cable need through the pipeline, high pressure air space or air handling system to convey information, you need to use the Plenum level indoor optical fiber cable. The use of the special environment on the cables of flame retardant, corrosion resistance and other more strict requirements are put forward. Therefore, the adoption of indoor optical fiber cable tight set of material and outer security stricter, tight set for PVC material, outer sheath material to meet the UL certification to add flame retardant PVC material or hard fluoropolymer. Design is better than that of fluoropolymer use PVC. Because PVC soft, flexible, no inventory, can deposit circle shape.

( 4) Rat type cable

stainless steel hose protection type single core or multiple core tight set of optical fiber cable with strong ability of resistance to lateral pressure, bending resistance, high tensile strength, the rat good performance. Can be used to crush the occasions, such as laying under the carpet or limited space requires constant bending or places that have requirements of rat.

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