How to distinguish the network cable?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-28

a lot of people don't know how to network, from the appearance for each of the cables are about the same, how to distinguish oneself buy products in line?

actually line is divided into four SiTie aluminium wire, copper cable! So tell us to buy cable is copper or iron and aluminum is very important, I here to teach you how to distinguish between cables.

how to differentiate between cable?

1, the first cut open sheath outer layer, the insulating pull, and then read the conductor cut a section observation cross section copper color is even, if it is pure copper, is homogeneously gold; But if the mixed inside the iron or aluminum, or other metal can see clear white miscellaneous points, or black.

2, with Yang fire to the surface of the copper conductor will appear in the color black and yellow color is still the same, wipe away after burning the black part of the copper is still maintain the original color; But if iron no matter how you wipe it is dark black.

3, inner insulation parts, pull out a nullable set, then both sides with the hand pinched to stretch both sides, the longer the tensile strength, material quality, the better; Itself bright color, smooth surface.

4, outer sheath have different colors, from the customer's requirements, for the dark grey or light grey. Sheath surface color even close, cross section is grey and clear excluding impurities; Tear material body without wire, line straight down to tear easily, convenient for splicing; Horizontal surface tear protection, tear two different certificate of the original.

cable steps of choose and buy

1, packing: super five types of cable per box should be 305 meters (marked CAT5E A 1000 - foot) , with CAT5 line 5 classes, the packing is not a case of 305 meters may not be a string. Online identification: below normal manufacturer on the product identification of scaling length, when doing project is convenient to identify 1 box line used how many meters, how much is left rice noodle.

2, use multimeter test: gb Ethernet cable 305 meters has about 28 ohm resistance single core, fake super five types of cable resistance on the market or even 50 ohms, transmission distance shortened almost 1 and a half.

3, the cable material: some inferior of line 4 to 2 of 2 for copper wire, copper wire used in computer network problem is not big, used in the monitoring system can produce interference, it is ok to use magnets to identify.

4, eyes to see: the density of twisted-pair ground should close to 1 cm ground.

5, 5 kinds of twisted-pair cable is not shielded twisted-pair cable. Compared with ordinary five types of twisted pair, super five types of twisted pair in the transmitted signal attenuation smaller, stronger anti-interference ability. In 100 m in the network, the user equipment the disturbance degree only ordinary line 5 classes of a quarter.

6, 5 kinds of twisted pair is used for and 1 the four tensile anchor, the color of the line to the completely same with five kinds of twisted pair, white, orange, orange, white, green, green, white and blue, blue, white, brown, and brown. Bare copper wire diameter of 0. 51mm( Wire gauge is 24 awg) , insulated wire diameter of 0. Diameter of 92 mm, UTP cable is 5 mm.

7, 5 kinds of unshielded twisted pair is in part of the performance of existing five types of shielded twisted-pair cable, after improved many performance parameters, such as near end crosstalk crosstalk and attenuation ratio, return loss and so on all have improved, but the transmission bandwidth of 100 MHZ.

8, unshielded twisted pair cable is much of twisted pair, and a plastic sheath. Five refers to the international electrical industry association as the twisted-pair cable definition of five different quality levels.

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