How to distinguish between single-mode and multimode optical fiber transceiver?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-12

sometimes, we need to make sure that the type of a fiber optic transceivers, so how to determine the optical transceiver is single mode or multimode?

below small make up teach you three ways to identify types of single multimode fiber optic transceivers.

1, unplug the optical transceiver from baldheaded distinguish baldheaded dust cap see baldheaded interface device color inside, single-mode TX and RX interfaces inside painted with white ceramic. , the multimode interface are brown.

2, from the model to distinguish: generally see model in S and M, S for single mode, M said multimode.

3, if you have already loaded, you can see the color of the fiber optic jumper, orange is multimode, yellow is single mode.

tip: single-mode transceiver can in single mode fiber and able to work under the multimode fiber, multimode optical fiber transceiver is can't work under the single mode fiber. The other is more than single mode switch equipment market. Can solve the single mode fiber and interchange of multimode fiber.

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