How to choose and buy enterprise cable router?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-06

as enterprise router connected to the Internet, the important basic equipment of communication and exchanges with the outside world, it is right choice, directly determines the efficiency of the corporate office and whether can normal operation. But various types of enterprise routers on the market, all kinds of bells and whistles emerge in endlessly, but they are easy to fool.

enterprise router to choose several factors enterprise-class router is mainly used to support different service levels, while a Hub and bridge can realize endpoint interconnection, and the price is cheap, simple installation, but they do not support service level. Routers can network divided into multiple priority level, support a certain service level. When choosing corporate router, should consider the following factors:

network to reduce costs, improve the utilization rate of broadband

a superposition of two or more WAN WAN, can undertake intelligent flow control enterprise router, can greatly improve the utilization rate of broadband, ensure enterprise staff efficient access to the Internet.

specification management staff online

enterprise router Internet behavior management functions, which can effectively control the use of mobile phone or computer terminal application, can be restricted access to related websites, and if have a variety of authentication function, can also control for the enterprise employees to get to the Internet to provide more effective method.

equipment to reduce costs, the expansion of the more convenient network

integration enterprise routers, AC controller can not only reduce the cost of enterprise network, and by increasing the AP easily expand enterprise wireless local area network (LAN).

branch companies or individuals how convenient, secure access network resources

a VPN function, can provide a variety of sleep to the agreement of enterprise-class router, branch companies or individuals can pass the VPN dial-up, convenient, safe access to resources.

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