How much do you know 'Internet + integrated wiring' concept

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-07

in decades of rapid development, the cabling industry of communication and smart applications made great contributions. Without number has appeared in various building integrated wiring system, integrated wiring system for intelligent building infrastructure, the intelligent management has been ignored by many people.

with the passage of time and system reform, especially with some of the integrated wiring system, convenient jump function, the network management of the bank management is faced with many 'syndrome', integrated wiring, and network for network administrators have a headache, and the integrated wiring system of management is far behind the pace of The Times. Have the following questions:

( 1) File management: for each connection and adjust the management staff of Shanghai integrated wiring system, we must modify the document, because of traditional long documents adjust whether paper or electronic form must be made by manual work, time can't query and sea. If the manager change again, can make not soon after to take over the system.

( 2) User management problems: network management personnel's IP address and MAC address of the port in the management of user address binding, but even so, managers are still unable to identify specific physical location of equipment or port fast, the problem is the network administrator is a headache. There is a computer hacker and intruders within the enterprise quickly identify the physical location, resulting in loss of information system downtime, waste a lot of time looking for the invaders, sometimes have to query through the computer.

( 3) Security issues: can't detect unauthorized plugin jump line, the change of information, can't detect unauthorized computer access networks, cause information leakage, even if found unauthorized operation not location and tracking in time.

( 4) Centralized management, centralized management also plagued by multinational or cross-regional business. Usually in the headquarters of the company or organization from belong to different institutions for effective management, but the traditional integrated wiring system is unable to achieve cross-regional management, make travel management, work efficiency is low.

( 5) Cost is high, the maintenance issues: personnel requirements of the maintenance is very high, the site must have the professional personnel, also has the complex manual procedures, the higher probability of error, unable to control maintenance process, increase the risk of wrong operation.

( 6) Port identification problem: with the passage of time, the traditional label is easy to fall off and fade, the management is not looking for orifice, dare to jump line with tampered with. To adjust the port management personnel, the jump line in, find the corresponding port. Reconnects, sometimes have to take flight, with the passage of time, the frame, other port operation is very easy to fall off, can't find out.

( 7) Resource management problems: for large networks, such as a large campus network, switch port can't confirm whether it is useful, new staff must use a new port, in fact also have a lot of old port, caused great waste switch port number.

( 8) Remote management problems: the characteristics of the integrated wiring system is the need for change, management, convenient adjustment, but in fact should be done in the field of management personnel, did not realize the remote management.

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