Fiber optic jumper wire wiring and management need to pay attention to what issues?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-21

with the further development of information era, optical communication also has extended to many areas of life. With the maturing of the 4 g, 5 g time arrival, the application data center 40 g / 100 g, and the fiber optic jumper installation and management is becoming more and more important. Fiber optic jumper management quality directly affects the whole data transmission, manage fiber optic jumper wire can not only reduce the operation cost of the whole fiber network, make it beautiful and convenient, and can increase the reliability and flexibility of the network operation and maintenance.

in the process of installation of fiber optic jumper, we should pay attention to the following several aspects:

1. Don't over bend fiber optic jumper, pay attention to the bending radius. When using optical fiber minimum bending radius of 30 mm, MPO fiber optic jumper wire can withstand the bending radius of not less than 10 times its diameter.

2。 Pay attention to protect the core, in the process of installation to prevent collision and pollution. After removal shall promptly take dust cap. If the jumper wire connector or plug core end face being polluted, can use absorbent cotton dips in alcohol to wipe, otherwise it will affect the insertion loss.

3。 The installation process at the ends of the fiber optic jumper wavelength light transceiver module must be consistent, to ensure the accuracy of the data transmission.

4。 The laser signal has damage to the eyes, signals do not look straight into core end face.

5。 Do not pull or squeeze the fiber jumper. When installing a fiber optic jumper, excessive force will influence on the performance at the ends of the jumper wire and connector.

6。 Bundle arrange fiber optic jumper, elastic moderation, prevent tight squeeze.

7。 Label instructions, correct labeling brings great convenience for later maintenance and management, can quickly pinpoint each jump line starting point and end point.

8。 A man-made damage and other force majeure factors, should be timely replacement of jump line.

9。 Optical fiber network or system appeared abnormal situation, can adopt the fault elimination process one by one test, the test on and off usually can use the light pen, or further use of precision instrument testing insertion loss and return loss, if the test article 3 consecutive jump line insertion loss is greater than the normal range by more than 30%, consider whether the instrument ceramic core end pollution or damage.

10。 If the center of the fiber optic jumper wire used for wiring level operation, suggest to choose better mechanical properties, moderate price of the PVC is outside, it has the characteristics of oxidation and degradation resistance; For the ground layer connection between buildings, usually choose has special LSZH flame retardant coatings was outside, it has low smoke, low toxicity, low corrosion of fire safety performance.

Nowadays, it is very common for us to utilise in fibre optic cable transmission speed. And the quality of is decisive to production efficiency.
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