Fiber optic jumper when using the matters needing attention

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-22

we are wiring fiber optic cable used to fiber optic jumper, using fiber optic jumper is to have cultured very much oh, about several matters needing attention of the fiber optic jumper.

at the ends of the fiber optic jumper wire to send and receive the wavelength of light module must agree, that is to say the ends of the optical fiber must be the same wavelengths of light module, a simple way to distinguish is the color of light module. Generally, under the condition of short wave module (with multimode fiber Orange fiber) Using single mode fiber, long wave module ( Yellow fiber) To ensure the accuracy of the data transmission.

fiber in use do not excessive bending and around the ring, this would increase the light attenuation in the transmission process.

fiber optic jumper after use must use cases to guard the fiber optic connectors, dust and oil pollution can damage the optical fiber coupling.

if optical fiber connector is stained, can dip in with cotton swabs alcohol clean, otherwise it will affect the quality of communication.

a, before use must insert fiber optic jumper ceramic core and core end face with alcohol and absorbent cotton to wipe clean.

2, when using optical fiber minimum bending radius is less than 30 mm.

3, protect the core and core end face, prevent bruising, pollution, disassembled, bring the dust cap in a timely manner.

4, laser signals when do not look straight into the fiber end face.

5, damage to the human and other force majeure factors, should be timely replacement of damaged fiber optic jumper.

six, read the instructions carefully before installation, and under the guidance of the manufacturer or distributor engineer for installation debugging.

7 the abnormal situation, optical fiber network or system, fault elimination process can be used in testing one by one. Test or exclude jump line failure to do test, usually can use visible laser pen for polishing the entire fiber optic link judgment. Or further use precision fiber optic insertion loss return loss tester, test indicators, indicators in the qualified range, the jumper wire instructions to normal, the opposite is unqualified.

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