Fiber optic jumper when buy need to step

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-22

of optical fiber are mainly OM1 fiber optic jumper, OM2, OM3, OM4 multimode and OS2 single-mode this several types, fiber optic jumper wire connector type also includes SC, ST, FC, LC, MTRJ and E2000, etc. All these in the practical application has no fixed choice, need to choose according to their actual usage. How to select the correct of jump line for your network? Simply follow these six steps.

a, select the correct connector type ( LC / SC / ST / FC / MPO / MTP)

different joints used to plug in different equipment. If the equipment on both ends of the same port, we can use LC - LC / SC - SC / MPO - MPO jump line. If you want to connect different port type equipment, LC - SC / LC - ST / LC- FC jump line might be good for you.

2, choose the single mode or multimode fiber optic cable type

single-mode fiber jumpers use 9/125 um fiber, multimode fiber jumper the 50/125 um or 62. 5/125 um optical fiber. Single-mode fiber jumper wire is mainly used for long-distance data transmission. Multimode fiber jumper wire is mainly used for short distance transmission. General single mode fiber jumper wire sheath is yellow, and multimode fiber jumper wire sheath to orange or blue.

3, select the simplex or duplex cable type

simplex means that the fiber optic jumper cables with only one root, each end only one optical fiber connector, used for two-way ( BIDI) Light module. Duplex can be regarded as a side by side two fiber optic jumper, used in ordinary light module.

4, choosing the right jump line length ( 1m / 5m / 10m / 20m / 30m / 50m)

fiber optic jumper wire length, usually of 0. 5 m to 50 m. You should choose according to the distance between the devices to connect the appropriate cable length.

5, select the correct connector types of polishing ( UPC / APC)

with the wastage of the APC connectors below UPC connectors, usually, the APC connector of the optical performance is superior to the UPC. In the current market, APC connector is widely used in such as FTTx, passive optical network ( 在其) And wavelength division multiplexing ( WDM) The application of return loss is more sensitive. But the APC connectors are usually more expensive than UPC connectors, so you should according to own actual situation to consider whether to APC connectors. For those who require high precision fiber optic signal place of application, the APC is supposed to be the first consideration, but other less sensitive system will use the UPC as well. Usually, adopting APC connectors fiber optic jumper for the green color, and use the color of the UPC connectors for blue.

6, choosing the right fiber optic jumper wire sheath ( PVC/LSZH/OFNP/armor)

usually, there are three types of jumper wire sheath: PVC or LSZH, OFNP. PVC material of jumper wire sheath is generally all common, fire prevention ability general, the lowest price; Jumper wire LSZH sheath made of low smoke zero halogen materials, environmental protection and flame retardant performance is good, but the price is more expensive. OFNP jumper wire sheath is referring to the standard of the fire prevention board, flame retardant, this kind of material from fire will automatically put out, the price is the most expensive, suitable for large data centers. You can choose according to their own situation.

Getting doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. It all comes down to the right method and a fibre optic cable transmission speed fiber optic cable in place.
Fiber Hope Optical Communication Tech Co.,Ltd. would like to provide our customers with as near perfect protection, as near perfect service as is humanly possible and to do so at the lowest possible cost.'
Overall, fiber optic cable may be a great way for manufacturers to expand their use of technology, but the price could present a significant hurdle for some businesses.
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