Fiber module which on the one hand, the trend of the development towards?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-24

with 5 g network plan pilot and commercial process accelerated, 5 g bearing skills program will also continue to strengthen the fusion state. Fiber module in data center effect cannot be ignored, especially in the data center of bandwidth demand is higher and higher today, light module to a certain extent, and has restricted the data center to carry out, so I hope that more and more enterprises to join the light module stores temporary, promote the light module market faster.

1。 Miniaturization

optical transceiver module as the center of the optical fiber access network equipment to promote the main direction of optical transmission system to lower capital, makes the optical configuration is more complete and reasonable. The traditional fiber laser and detector separation module, habit is hard to modern communication equipment requirements. To used to communication equipment optical equipment requirements, optical module is a highly integrated carried out in small package.

2。 Low cost, low power consumption

the volume of communications equipment is more and more small, interface board, including the interface of the density is higher and higher, photoelectric equipment required to the direction of the low capital, low power consumption. Now light equipment generally adopt hybrid integrated technology and hermetic encapsulation technology, the development of the next step will be right and wrong, airtight packaging, need to rely on passive optical coupling ( The X - Y- Adjustment of the Z direction) Skills such as further progress degree of automation, reduce the capital. Especially the processing of high speed, small signal, high gain preamplifier is GaAs technology and skills, SiGe skills development, make this kind of chip yield and production capital to obtain the very good control, can further reduce the power consumption.

3。 High rate

the people more and more requirement for information, the information transfer rate for faster and faster, as a modern information communication, processing and transmission of the backbone optical network, has been to the ultra high frequency, ultra high speed and large capacity, higher transmission rate and capacity, the greater the transmit information of each asset is smaller and smaller. Long-distance large-capacity popular at that time is 10 gbit/s and the 40 gbit/s. From the circuit current skills, 40 gbit/s is close to the limit of 'electron bottleneck'. Rate high, cause the loss of signal, power dissipation, the electromagnetic radiation ( Trouble) And impedance matching problems such as difficult to deal with, even though, it takes a very large value.

4。 Far interval

another to carry out the direction of the optical module is far intervals. Now laying intervals of optical network is more and more far, this requires a remote transceiver to match. Typical remote transceiver signal under the condition of without amplification can transfer at least 100 kilometers, the main purpose is to save valuable optical amplifier, reduce the source of optical communication.

5。 Hotplug

the future optical fiber module is necessary to support hot plug, which don't need to block the power supply, module which can be and equipment to connect or disconnect, due to the fiber optic module is the hot plug type, network managers do not need to shut down the network can be promoted and extension system, and won't cause what effect to online users. Hotplug sex also simplifies the general maintenance work, and allows end users to better manage their transceiver module. Together, because of the heat exchange performance, fiber module can make the network management personnel can according to the request of network promotion, to send and receive money, link interval, and all the overall planning of the network topology, without having to replace all was carried out on the system board.

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