There are several kinds of optical fiber prestressing termination way? Early termination cable?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-16

several ways in the process of the termination cable connection and application scenario

advance termination into backbone fiber optic cable, trunk extension cable, fiber optic cable mpo - LC branch cable three forms. Early termination of the trunk cable is suitable for the application of high density data center, providing 12 core to 144 core optical fiber links. The length of the cable can be according to the specific need to customize. Early termination of the trunk cable traction case design, can effectively prevent the optical cable and optical fiber connector is not damaged in the transportation and installation process. Early termination cable trunk cable online slot can reach 450 n applied. Mainly used in the data center level of the trunk and wiring. Termination cable branch cable Mpo - Mpo LC is suitable for the 12 core mpo transfer LC duplex connectors, original internal pressure welding technology, safe reliable and beautiful.

early termination cable solution is tailor-made cable wiring for data center management solutions.

data center is not between enterprises business platform operation support site. Establish data center through the integrated processing, exchange and storage system platform, can save the planning cost, saving resources, play a highly efficient.

data center computer room to use the benefits of early termination cable?

due to the centralization system platform, data center room once the system downtime will cause serious loss, the loss has been far too early for the investment of hardware, according to the statistics to reach level 4 data center, the reliability of 99. Investment is 995%, need not redundant system 1. 8 ~ 2. 2 times. As a data center physical bearing platform of information exchange, integrated wiring, account for only 5% of the total investment is less than and its importance is very high, according to authorities, 70% failure is caused by human error data center, and much of the reason is that improper operation caused by wiring management. Although, data center cabling management area on the strict protection, but for operators, in the face of a large number of cable connection, connection change is huge challenge at a time. Data centers need a dedicated to its characteristics and to establish the integrated wiring system. The system should have the following characteristics: high performance, high reliability, fast installation, modular system, high density, facing the future, therefore, early termination cable management system arises at the historic moment. Data center in advance termination link's advantage lies in:

a, easy management, high reliability, less point of failure. A cabinet are often installed nearly 200 light port, connect the 200 light port requires 200 jump line of light, it is not hard to imagine 200 light jump thread stack of chaos, and the data center in the cabinet number very much, there may be hundreds of thousands of root light jump line, so many light jump line how to manage? If the light wiring part into a termination cable system, as a result of 12 core MPO parallel optical fiber connectors, the need to manage the light density will be 1/12 of the original, so the original 200 light jump line, become now the 3 ~ 4 root. At the same time due to the joint density of MPO was 12 core, core and ordinary optical fiber connector is 1, so that to reduce the number of joint point of failure of the 1/12, 12 times reliability is improved.

b, rapid deployment termination cable system adopts high-density MPO connector, cable termination and test by factories, connection adopts modular method, all this makes its installation is more simple, quick, compared to traditional optical fiber welding methods, the new modular technology in about 10 minutes finished 96 core optical fiber termination at the same time, the traditional way of termination 96 core optical fiber will spend 16 hours, so long time, in fact, data center is not allowed. Rapid deployment means quick troubleshooting, this a technology for data center.

c, early termination cable management solution can't be irreplaceable advantages: MPO 12 core optical Fiber connector is to use parallel connection, the mature technology of the industry standard, at present a lot of new high bandwidth network application has adopted this a technology, such as: 10 g Fiber Channel, HIPPI, 10 g InfiniBand, 30 g InfiniBand, 10 g SONET/SDH, 40 g SONET/SDH, etc.

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