The thread tip in wiring

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-30

wiring project, the level of construction directly affects the performance of the system, serious be rework again, such as playing slot dialed the wrong number, the color scale on the distribution frame standard backwards and the wrong number, etc. , which threading technology ( Such as cable through the tube, through the transition box, etc. ) Is a commonly used technique, now the more mature experience summarize, for your reference.

threading technology is a relatively common wiring technology, to ensure that the cable will not be broken resulting in the 'short circuit', in all of the steel pipe mouth to plastic to protect the mouth was laid. A feasible method is thread personnel should carry when construction 'mouth', when need can be placed at any time, in order to avoid because you don't have 'protection' and 'lazy'. Vertical cable through the transition box walking into vertical steel pipe to the next layer, the transition to tie hanging in the box, avoid cable weight total pressure on the corner in the side of the cable, because it affects the transmission characteristics of cable. In the vertical line of cable tie hanging a per meter. Line groove cloth cable should be straight, no winding, and length.

about more than 'line', cables in the distribution box more than 'line' of the length to be consistent, and not too long. * will be grouped by grouped table more line, from the trough exports straight good binding, colligation point spacing is not more than 50 cm. It is important to note that unavailable or hard wire power cord tie.

questions about the label, the cables shall be carried out in accordance with the floor plan of computer label, each label corresponding to a 4 to the conductor, the corresponding room and socket position cannot be mistaken, in the implementation, this is the place where * error prone. Experience is that both ends of the label position from the end of the 25 cm, light color plastic adhesive tape, use oily pen write the label above sign or affix paper, and then wrap the scotch tape.

in addition, generally speaking, according to the proportion of 3% spare line wear, standby line is placed within the main tank, at least one spare thread on each floor. Threading, after the completion of all the four core cables shall be fully tested on and off. Test can be used the following method, strip away all of my both ends of the cable core, copper core. With the digital multimeter at one end to the on-off test, two pens and received a pair of cable core, at the other end of the cable core is frequent, brief contact. If the table side can hear the sound of the intermittent said tests pass, every 4 to the core of the cable should be measured. Can be found through such test, break, break, and the wrong number.

during the wiring, it is important to note, there is also a cable pulling cable box after not cloth in place, if you want to suspend construction, wire winding up carefully, should be properly kept. This is a lot of no specification.

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