The summary of long-distance optical module

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-27

light module according to different light module can be divided into short transmission distance of the module, the distance light module and long distance light module in the three types, including long distance light module is refers to the transmission distance for more than 30 km of light module, can meet the demand of the network data transmission over long distances.

a long light module type

the SFP optical module, SFP + light module, XFP optical module, 25 g optical module, 40 g optical module, as well as 100 g optical module these types, there are long distance light module. Among them, the long-distance SFP + light module adopted the EML laser components and optical detector components to reduce the power consumption and improve the precision of the optical module; Long 40 g optical module used in transmitting chain drive unit and modulation, optical amplifier is adopted in the receiving link and photoelectric conversion unit, achieve the maximum transmission distance of 80 km.

the application of long-distance optical module

1. The server port;

2。 Switch port;

3。 Nic ports;

4。 Security monitoring field;

5。 Telecommunications ( Including data control center, computer room, etc. ) ;

6。 Ethernet, fibre channel, synchronous digital system, synchronous optical networks, and other fields.

a long light module using note

due to the long distance light module to take strict power range, so when using long distance light module needs to pay attention to the following:

1. Installing a long-distance optical module don't immediately connect jump line, need to use the command line display transceiver diagnosis interface read module to receive light emitting power, check to see if the luminous power within the normal range, under the condition of no connect optical fiber software often show accept light power is likely to be - 40 db or lower value.

2。 Can use optical power meter test receive light power is within the scope of the normal receiving, if it is, is connected to optical fiber long light module.

3。 Use long distance light module, receiving power must have a certain margin, the actual received power than receiving sensitivity reserve more than 3 db, or need to increase the weakness.

4。 Long distance light module is in commonly 10 km transmission applications without attenuation, add attenuation in more than 40 km and can't directly connected, otherwise the ROSA will be burned.

5。 No matter what circumstance can use direct optical fiber ring light module to test for a long, if you need to connect optical attenuator to receive light power within the scope of receiving a loopback test.

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