The principle of active optical fiber cable and advantage?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-27

at one end of the active optical cable, the data input electric signal, through the photoelectric conversion device converts electrical signals to specific wavelengths of light signals, optical signal input after modulation, coupling to the transmission cable, optical signal arriving at the other end, the photoelectric detection device for detecting the light signal amplification, after processing, and output the corresponding electrical signals. Reverse transmission principle is the same.


active cable compared with the high speed wire:

1, the transmission power on the system link is lower;

2, volume of about half as much as that of the copper weight was only about a quarter of the high speed wire;

3, in the computer room wiring system, air flow, better heat dissipation sex is stronger;

4, cable bending radius smaller than copper wire;

5, transmission distance is farther, can reach 100 ~ 300 meters;

6, product transmission performance of bit error rate is also better, BER can be up to 10 ^ - 15.

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