The price of the optical transceiver?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-06

optical transceiver price how many? In fact now online so fire, different parts of the same price. As long as the quality and service, in the surrounding cities to buy fiber optic transceivers, sending Courier is just one day.

fiber optic transceivers, is a short twisted-pair electric signals and optical signals over long distances to swap the Ethernet transmission media conversion unit, commonly used in Ethernet cable can't cover, optical fiber must be used to extend the transmission distance of actual network environment, and usually located in broadband metropolitan area network access layer application; Such as: security monitoring project high-definition video image transmission.

with optical transceiver, also to need to upgrade to the optical fiber system from copper wire, for lack of money, manpower or time users provides a cheap solution. The function of optical transceiver is, will we need to send electrical signals into light signals, and send out, at the same time, the light of the received signal can be converted into electrical signals, the input to our receiving end.

if you want to learn more about the price of fiber optic transceivers, welcome your consultation.

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