The discriminant to light module failure

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-06

1, the visual method to see appearance

by the visual method to see the appearance of the light module, check module surface had obvious signs of deterioration, and then if there is any crack leakage checking components or even tin even signs of blackened.

2, contrast to measure parameters of the difference between

if you look at the good visual observation under the condition of any problems, you can use the relevant testing instrument were testing a new module of the same and the possible failure of the module, and is divided into two kinds of electricity and no electricity, check the circuit parts or components of the parameters such as voltage, resistance and waveform, then compare the new module and bad module test results can judge the problem.

3, substitution method to replace components see parameters change

if there are differences in contrast the test parameters is introduced, can use the same type of good parts to replace defective components or components corresponding component or components of the module, test parameters to see if back to normal again.

4, according to some adverse conditions determine the fault circuit area

according to certain adverse conditions to determine the failure circuit area, such as: poor light power mainly check the launch area, poor sensitivity check receiving area, etc. , thus reducing maintenance time, improve efficiency.

5, module structure through hanging light judge the fault component of

we all know that light module is mainly composed of TOSA components, ROSA of 3 parts, components and PCBA board want to judge the fault component, there are several ways to judge:

1) will be removed TOSA components and ROSA components, and then test its performance on the component test board.

(2) the current situation, using the multimeter measure each pin voltage, the voltage value is normal; Power, using a multimeter measuring pipe heel feet whether pathways of circuit.

(3) according to the adverse conditions, test parameters of the corresponding parameter changes, such as the bad reason is' light power is small, so can test the module power, if the power is the power meter readings will increase, at the same time offset current, the BIAS value has increased as, working current increase. The change of PCBA circuit is conduction, driving performance and storage performance is also no problem. The preliminary judgment about TOSA light power, PCBA board is good, but does not rule out the possibility of poor have PCBA.

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