The classification of the optical fiber connector

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-18
Common optical fiber connector:

a, FC type optical fiber connector

this connector was first developed by NTT, Japan. The abbreviation of FC is Ferrule Connector, which indicates that its external strengthening way is to use metal sleeve, fastening way as the turnbuckle. The earliest, FC type connector, adopt the butt end of ceramic pin is plane contact way ( FC) 。 Such connector has simple structure, convenient operation, easy, but the dust sensitive optical fiber end face, and prone to Fresnel reflex, is difficult to improve properties return loss. Later, made improvement for this type of connector, use the butt end of spherical pin ( PC) Has not changed, and the external structure, makes the insertion loss and return loss performance has improved significantly.

2, SC type optical fiber connector

this is a kind of developed by Japan's NTT optical fiber connector. The shell rectangular, adopted by the pin and the structure of the coupling sleeve size and FC is exactly the same type. The end face of the pin is used more PC or APC model grinding way; Fastening way is to use plug pin bolt type, does not need to rotate. This kind of connector price is low, plug is easy to operate, small ripple in loss, high compressive strength, high density installation.

ST and SC interfaces are the two general types of optical fiber connector, for base - 10 F the connection, the connector is usually ST type, the base - 100 FX, connectors, in most cases for SC type. ST connector of the core is exposed, SC connectors core inside the joint.

3, double conical connector ( 双锥形连接器)

the most representative of this kind of optical fiber connector products developed by the United States bell laboratories, it is composed of two by the end of the precision mold forming a truncated conical cylinder plug and an internal equipped with double conical plastic sleeve coupling components. DIN47256 type optical fiber connector it is a developed by Germany. This kind of connector USES the pin and the structure of the coupling sleeve size is the same as the FC type, end face using PC grinding processing ways. Compared with FC type connector, its structure is more complicated, internal pressure of the spring, metal structure of control can be avoided by end plug stress and damage. In addition, this kind of connector mechanical precision, and thus involved in smaller values of the loss.

4, MT - RJ type connector

MT - RJ started in MT connectors, NTT to develop with RJ - Type 45 LAN electric connector of the same latch mechanism, by installing in small casing on both sides of the guide pin on the optical fiber, to facilitate connected to the optical transceiver, double core of fiber-optic connector end face ( Interval 0. 75毫米) Alignment design, is mainly used for data transmission for the next generation of high density optical fiber connector.

5, LC connector

LC type connector is famous Bell ( Bell) Institute for research and development, with convenient operation modular jack ( RJ) The latch mechanism. The pin and the size of the sleeve is adopted by the general SC, FC, half size of 1. 25毫米。 This can increase the density of optical fiber connector in the optical fiber distribution frame. At present, in terms of single-mode SFF, LC type of connector has occupied the dominant position, actual application in the field of multimode is also growing rapidly.

6, MU type connector

MU ( 微型单元耦合) Connector is based on the most used SC type connector, NTT developed out of the world's smallest single core optical fiber connector,. The connector by 1. 25 mm diameter of casing and the institution, its advantage is to achieve high density installation. The use of MU l. 25 mm diameter of casing, NTT has developed a MU connector series. They are used for cable connection type socket connector ( MU- A series) ; Has since keep agency backplane connector ( MU- B series) Used to connect to LD/PD modules and plug the simplification of socket ( MU- The SR series) And so on. With optical fiber network to the rapid development of the direction of greater bandwidth capacity bigger and DWDM technology widespread application, the demand for MU type connector will be rapid growth.

MC, connector

2012 domestic telecommunications company has an independent research and development is smaller than the LC connector, density higher MC connectors. Sea day MC optical fibre connector is a high density of single fiber activity, suitable for all kinds of high density, such as the large capacity center machine room, and high density data center. The high density of MC activity optical fiber connector and in the same space twice the maximum LC connector, the world's smallest, the highest density of a connector.

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