The advantages of plastic optical fiber use?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-04

plastic optical fiber light, soft, more resistant to damage ( Vibration and bending) 。 Plastic optical fiber has excellent tensile strength, durability and the characteristics of the small footprint. These advantages make the plastic optical fiber is particularly important to the successful application in automobile. A typical luxury car interior by at least a few kilometers of the copper wire and copper wire, greatly increase the weight and cost. All planes, trains and other traffic tools etc

due to the large diameter of plastic optical fiber and numerical aperture, light transmission capacity is big. Plastic optical fiber transmission medium (than copper Twisted-pair cable and coaxial cable) Has a much higher bandwidth capacity. The higher the frequency of the transmission, the use of plastic optical fiber is, the less the cost.

plastic optical fiber cutting, easy wiring, bonding, polishing and other processing. With larger diameter, plastic optical fiber installation and connection with device, light source and detector becomes easy and low cost, amateurs also qualified for these operations. Preparation of plastic optical fiber connection much less than 1 minute, also do not need special tools. Even a simple scissors can also be used to cut plastic optical fiber. Plastic optical fiber transceiver module USES 650 - nm wavelength of red light, very safe, the user is also easy to judge whether the connection of the optical fiber. In addition, plastic optical fiber connection is not sensitive to face hidden leave dust and debris.

plastic optical fiber does not produce radiation, completely is not subject to electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference and the influence of noise. This distribution is particularly important for video and audio, obviously the interference and noise image and service quality. Plastic optical fiber and copper in the same pipe or the same wire laying side by side. Plastic optical fiber does not produce noise, no negative impact on the current network.

POF system cost is low. It is said that for domestic consumer electronics, home networking and car such as audio, DVD, VCR cost less than $20 per connection. So these devices can be bought in the general store.

no data transmission can be tapped by plastic optical fiber, the plastic optical fiber in some occasions with higher requirements, safety degree is very applicable.

although silica optical fiber is widely used in long-distance trunk communications and optical fiber to the home, but the plastic optical fiber is referred to as' common 'optical fiber, the reason is that the plastic optical fiber and related connection devices and installation of the total cost is lower. In the optical fiber to the home, fiber to the desktop overall scheme, plastic optical fiber is a supplement to the quartz optical fiber, to jointly build an all-optical network.

However, with the increased prevalence of fiber optic cable, it has become far more affordable.
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