Fiber optic jumper wire insertion loss as small as possible?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-17

common customer requirement to do special small insertion loss of optical fiber jumpers. Such as two days before a bespoke APC jumper, insertion loss is less than 0. 1 db。 Such a high jumper jia fu can produce, but costs are higher than the level jump line. So whether the fiber jumper wire insertion loss is as small as possible? The answer is no.

fiber optic jumper as hopping signal and connected to the optical path devices, the smaller the insertion loss while the smaller the attenuation caused by, but blindly pursue high optical parameters requirements, fiber optic jumper wire material, process must be improved, the cost of a need to pay a high price is not appropriate. In optical system design, the design of the light source power will be reserved quantity, bigger than the actual application of power, through the optical attenuator, optical divider and other devices, the power to actually use need power value. Connection so the function of fiber optic jumper wire insertion loss to achieve the requirement of the telecommunication level. If you want to make the jump line better performance, such as interchangeability, reliability, consistency, advising clients to use jumper transverse interference ( 3 d) Fiber optic jumper, this is now prevailing high jumper in the world.

jia rich research and development, production, sales, fiber optic jumper nearly 18 years, its sales of the product is deep the customer recognition, and long-term cooperation with jia fu.

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