Fiber optic jumper is how to test the safety?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-21

fiber optic jumper wire is mainly used for crossover cable from the device to the optical fiber link. Safety and smoothness of Internet communication requires that all devices, as long as a little in the middle of the equipment failure will cause the signal. So to be very careful before use, use these return loss instrument first used to ascertain if jump line light pass through light pen measured optical fiber isn't broken, measure indicators.

fiber optic jumper wire detection is in order to guarantee the quality of system, reduce the fault factors, and find out the fault point of the fiber when fault occurs. The main detection methods are simple artificial testing and precision instrument testing.

artificial method to detect the summary from one end of the fiber optic jumper wire into visible light, on the other side see a light. Precision instrument measurement: the required tools have optical power meter or light reflex tracer domain, fiber optic jumper can be measured and joint decay, even can measure the breakpoint location of fiber optic jumper.

precision instrument measuring can quantitative analysis the cause of the failure. Test fiber optic jumper numerical instability will occur when, if the test is that fiber optic jumper, that is joint do not good enough; If the optical fiber connected with jumper measure words can be melt in the problem. Optical fiber test if the insertion loss value is not so good, when in actual use easily lost packets when a large number of data transmission.

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